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Born in 2014 in Singapore, AHP is a company that aims to design and manufacture automotive components that address market needs. With our primary focus on BMW, Volkswagen and Audi cars, we have put together and will continue to assemble aftermarket parts that will address design and quality issues present in these cars.



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Starting out in 2014 as AHP Auto Solutions, we focused mainly on intake kits and charge and boost pipes for BMW and VW models. However over time, we realised that there were many other areas of improvement present, and we subsequently decided to expand our portfolio of products.

In 2016, we decided to rebrand ourselves as AHP Race Labs as we felt it was more in keeping with the brand direction. By then our portfolio hard grown to include downpipes, and our unique wavy brake kits, supplying parts to over 10 workshops in Singapore and Malaysia.



With nearly a decade of aerospace experience and over 30 years of racing experience, the team here at AHP seeks to focus on model-specific automotive hardware that serves the following needs:

  • - Enhance vehicle reliability and safety (Not being left stranded!)
  • - Address inherent factory design limitations ( Due to cheaper materials being used)
  • - Optimise the hardware already present 
  • - Resolve environment-induced issues (Heat soak, thermal cycling, etc)
  • - Increase fuel economy and throttle response (Especially for city/ urban settings)

And lastly, to allow these cars to be modified for increased horsepower and torque without stressing other components. All our hardware upgrades: 

  1. - Are direct bolt-ons & do not require any fabrication
  2. - Require no software changes
  3. - Can be installed quickly and easily by mechanics on site.


FORM    -     FIT    -     FUNCTION    -     QUALITY

With our objectives and goals laid out above, we here at AHP hope that you have gained invaluable insight into who we are and what we stand for. For more details or enquiries, please feel free to email us at 


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